Assigned by Rear Admiral Macia Paladin, Celia is a Naval Captain working for the Marshal Service in the newly acquired Osiris Region. After “The Mercadian Affair”, Admiral Paladin and his wife were re-assigned to Osiris Regional Command under Grand Admiral Nora Siercey and Vice Admiral Gilliad Cobalt with the specific mission to establish Frontier Law and Order. Celia is the one Paladin chose to work with the new Space Marshal because of her unique situation: she is a cyborg with only her brain and central nervous system still being “factory original human” as she likes to comment, dryly. A dedicated commander, Dodge nearly died along with her entire crew when an experimental drive system failed and irradiated the ship. She has a bit of a survivor’s complex about being the only one to live, but it’s mitigated by the fact that, technically, only 15% of her organic parts survived. Her body is an “idealized” version of her original human body with some obvious robotic quirks. but it is one of the most advanced prosthetic bodies ever constructed. It “feels” and must be maintained much like an actual human one.

Art by: Koneko