The youngest daughter of Vice Admiral Gillaid Cobalt at only 21-years-of-age, Ma’Chele is the product of an unexpected union while Admiral Cobalt was being held prisoner. Her mother was Persaidian, also known as the Aboriginal Zendosians. While the Zendosians themselves live on the inner shell of a massive Dyson Sphere orbiting their primary star, one planet does still orbit inside in the Habitable Zone and is a protected sanctuary of the ancient Zendosians. Ma’Chele only became known to Gilliad after she had spent all of her adolescent and adult life looking for him, a search that took six years (age 13-19). Since both Persaidians and Zendoians have currently unknown lifespans, she will not change much, physically, for thousands of years in spite of being legally and physically an adult.

Since the Star Alliance took over Osiris, and her quest to locate her father has ended, Ma’Chele decided that she would put the considerable tracking skills she learned, bartering passage on merchant vessels and pirate ships while conducting her search to good use. She is a Bounty Hunter, working closely with the Federal Marshal Service and frequent collaborator with Marshal MacKenzie. This has the added side-effect of making them “closer” in ways that constantly irritate Vice Admiral Cobalt, and frustrate Rear Admiral Paladin, who has become something of a surrogate uncle to her. But, she is an independent contractor and a formidable psionic, which has served her well over the years. Hopefully she lives long enough to gain wisdom along with skill.

Art by: Koneko