The beginning of our series, revealed at last! I’ll talk more about it as we go. The short version is that this is a porn-o-riffic add-on to my “alter-ego” series, “Starship Moonhawk”. It is considered “Canon”, but we will try not to make it absolutely necessary for you to cross over in either direction. The most obvious inclusion in this series will be Dillon’s interactions with Rear Admiral Macia Paladin, who will be conducting shady Star Alliance activities in the Osiris Region (all job related), and Vice Admiral Gilliad Cobalt’s youngest daughter, Ma’Chele, who is his on-again-off-again girlfriend and ally, as a main character.

On the cover, we have Dilly Mac himself, and his new deputy in the Space Marshal Service, Celia Dodge. Also, I’m totally not sorry for the cheesy, retro 80’s feel of this cover.