So, each chapter will lead with a single color page to set the tone, then the rest of the issue will be b/w. This is to speed up the process, but keep in mind, I am currently doing this on my own. And that will be the first time in YEARS that I have done a series all by myself. So, wish me luck! Little did I know 8 years ago that we would have a president in the United States that would actually make it impossible to use the term “shithole” without taking some heat, but fuck it. Here we are. And, in fairness, Celia is right: dive bars in the outer reaches of the galaxy are, indeed, shitholes. Note: this page credits “Fallon” with colors. That is no longer correct. I will fix it later.

These comics will be huge, folks. They were originally formatted to be 1000px wide for my defunct paysite at